Name : Ronald P. Richoux
DOB : 1932-11-11
Unit : US Marine Corps 1st Division 7th Motor Transport Battalion Dog Company
Korea : 1951-1953
Rank : Private First Class
Hometown(Born) : Larose, Louisiana

여자아이는 조심스럽게 제 트럭으로 왔습니다. 저는 제가 갖고 있던 전투식량을 모두 줬어요. 그 아이는 그걸 받고 달려갔죠. 저는 트럭에 앉아서 울었습니다.

The little girl came over to my truck, very cautiously. I gave her all the C-ration I had. They took the C-ration and ran. I sat in the truck and cried.