Name : Gordon L. Bennett
DOB : 1932-08-01
Unit : 1st Commonwealth Division Royal Canadian Regiment
Rank : Lance Corporal / Retired as a Captain
Korea :  1925-53
Hometown : Toronto, Canada
제가 한국을 떠났을 때 서울은 거의 폐허와 같았습니다. 곳곳에 폭탄 자국과 총알 구멍이 있었죠. 그런데 1981년에 다시 갔을 때 서울은 고층 빌딩이 즐비한 아름다운 도시였습니다. 저는 그들이 해낸 일에 매우 놀랐죠.
저는 한국인들이 해낸 일이 매우 자랑스럽습니다.

When I left Korea, Seoul was almost like rubble. There were bomb craters and bullet holes all over the place. And then when I went back in 1981 it was a high rise beautiful city. And I was very amazed what they had done.
I'm very proud of what the Koreans have done.