Donald Reid

Name : Donald Reid
DOB : 1932-06-21
Unit : US Marine Corps 1st Division 7th Regiment 3rd Battalion Weapons Company
Korea : 1951-1952
Rank : Buck Sergeant
Hometown : Chicago, Illinois
저는 9월에 한국을 떠났는데 10월에 저희 부대가 전멸되었습니다. 우리는 사람들을 보호하고 자유가 최우선인 나라로 지켜주기 위해 그곳에 있었습니다. 그것이 우리의 목적이었습니다.

I left Korea in September and my whole outfit was wiped out in October. We were there to not only protect the people, but to assure them that they were going to have a country where freedom is first. So that was our purpose.