Name : Stanley O. Galwick
DOB : 1931-04-24
Unit : US 1st Marine division 11th regiment 2nd battalion Dog battery
Korea : 1950-1951
Rank : Buck Sergeant
Hometown(Born) : East Los Angeles, California

장진호 전투 중 저는 ‘투시 롤(박격포 탄약)' 을 비행기로 투하해달라고 요청했었습니다. 하지만 그들은 ‘투시 롤(카라멜)’을 보내줬죠. 그 당시에는 이것이 숨겨진 축복인지 몰랐습니다. ‘투시 롤'이 우리의 생명을 살렸습니다.

During the Chosin Reservoir, I asked for 'Tootsie Rolls(mortar ammunition)’ to be dropped by airplane. But instead, they sent us 'Tootsie Rolls(caramel)’. We didn't realize at the time that this was a hidden blessing. 'Tootsie Rolls' saved our lives.